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In these times, you cannot afford to be blind to alternative healthcare services and coverage that is affordable and available. Be informed. Discover how to meet and protect your family’s medical needs while spending more wisely with discount healthcare.

In these times you cannot afford to be blind to savings and services that meet you and your family’s healthcare needs vs. the high cost of healthcare insurance. Being knowledgeable and informed regarding healthcare coverage today will give you surprisingly affordable protection and coverage while keeping more of your hard-earned income in your bank account. Health insurance, yesteryear’s solution, leaves you frustrated and in debt and may no longer be the best option to meet your needs.

Have you been looking for an alternative healthcare? Here are a couple of statistics that you may not be aware of: more than 45,000 people die because of lack of health insurance and over 100 million are without dental insurance today. Let’s take a look at the difference between health insurance and alternative healthcare coverage:
Health insurance is…

  • Expensive: high monthly premiums
  • Co-pay, i.e. 80/20 to $10,000 expenses leaves $2,000 additional out-of-pocket monies from you after your deductible
  • Deductibles are annual and possibly ever increasing
  • Pre-existing health conditions may or may not be covered
  • High monthly cost– paying for care that may not be a covered expense

Now alternative or discount healthcare services feature:

  • Low monthly cost — less than a gallon of gas per day
  • No co-pay
  • No deductibles
  • No health questions — all benefits extended to all no matter the health conditions
  • Instant savings — subtract our low cost from your current premium
  • No waiting periods all coverage begins on the first of the month
  • Ancillary care, i.e. acupuncture, massage therapy and holistic medicine, to name a few
  • Medical health advisor who will review best way to maximize your savings while receiving the best and proper care
  • FREE prescription card

With affordable healthcare there is access to additional programs at no additional cost such as dental, vision, chiropractic, and a prescription drug card. Would no waiting period, no paperwork, no age limit, no limit to the number of visits or services, and even more benefits be something you would like in your plan? In other words, healthcare has two striking qualities that are strong improvements to you: large premium savings and shocking coverage differences.

Now how would you feel having access to doctors and registered nurses by phone 24/7? Would having access to two of the largest medical networks in the USA providing the highest quality of service be valuable? These are alternative healthcare options that will contribute to your comfort, your peace of mind, and your pocketbook.

The middleman and the complicated paperwork is eliminated. Healthcare costs can then be negotiated and this savings passed on to you, the consumer. The first step is to gain the knowledge and find where these discount healthcare services are offered. You can access innovative services that not only provide medical and dental care, but also chiropractic and alternative care, plus durable medical equipment, and long-term care. No authorization is required. Your healthcare costs are significantly lowered and your benefits are substantially increased, and there are no annual or lifetime maximums on the use of the program regardless of your health condition.

Today, alternative healthcare coverage is more viable and accessible than ever in a sincere effort to help you save and address your family’s needs affordably. Be informed and take action. We address the problems of conventional insurance by completely eliminating annoying health questions, limitations and claims denials. We do take all pre-existing conditions without raising your monthly cost. Your care is decided by you and your doctor — not by any third party!


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