The Changing Role In Healthcare Documentation

The healthcare sector today is going through many changes in the way the patient- healthcare encounter is documented. The announcement of the stimulus package for adoption of EMR/EHR systems using certified equipment and demonstrating meaningful use has brought about a major question about the role of medical transcription services in the process of adopting this new technology.

Considering the underlying objective of adopting nationwide electronic healthcare system, the role of medical transcription in this process becomes even more significant. The implementation of nationwide EHR systems have been encouraged to:

– Improve quality of care

– Reduce costs of care

These services have earned their place in the emerging healthcare documentation scenario by virtue of contributing to the achievement of both these objectives. They contribute to the healthcare documentation by:

Helping preserve narrative data – As healthcare is an essential service one involving decisions regarding life and death situations and involving the improvement of life situations; the importance of capturing the narrative story of the patient is vital. Medical transcription helps in capturing the total health story by converting dictation into text. This helps in improving the quality of care by converting mere data into information, which can be used for providing quality healthcare.

Having a core knowledge regarding the working of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities – Transcription vendors and their teams have an inherent understanding of the working life of healthcare professionals and the running of healthcare facilities. This helps them create solutions that help improve the working life of doctors/support staff/clinics/hospitals by using software and technology to provide maximum benefits while still being easy to use.

Providing the benefit of training and knowledge to improve the quality of the data captured – The teams working on the process of creating patient medical records undergo a process of training that enhances their language skills, develops knowledge of the medical field, improves keyboard skills; these attributes make them adept at providing healthcare documentation that is accurate and timely. Not only that, they also use their experience and knowledge of the healthcare field to apply context to rectify any oversight made by time starved healthcare professionals to produce accurate transcripts.

Being very adaptable to change – This method of documenting the healthcare process has seen so many changes affecting the way information is captured. The service of creating patient medical records has evolved as a specialist service that has seen changes in the way dictation is captured to the way that transcripts are delivered. The experience of transcription vendors to adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare sector puts them in unique position help in this transition.

Medical transcription services have used a combination of the right people skills, optimum process and advanced technology to provide accurate, timely, secure and cost-effective transcripts.


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